Monday, June 30, 2014

Bowling with friends

This morning while talking to Melissa she told me about a website to get free bowling everyday during the summer. (  Melissa and Sandra were taking their girls later in the afternoon and invited us to join. After a change of events, we decided to join in too. This was Norah's first experience bowling, and she loved it!  All of the big girls helped her position her ball and play the arcade games afterwards. Macie was the big winner with 103 points. Norah finished with 82 points...not too bad for her first time. 

Megan, Macie, Mya, Norah, and Josie

Playing with her 6 pound ball. 

This bowling ramp came in pretty handy. 

Final scores: Norah 82, Macie 103, Josie 99, Mya 94, Megan 92

Blue Hair

While we were getting our hair cuts, Norah decided she wanted some blue hair streaks like her friends, Ainsley and Landrey. McKenzie gave her two temporary blue streaks. She did great with the foils, but she hated getting her hair washed! Because her hair is so dark, you can barely see the blue, but she loved the experience.  We love McKenzie at Vanity Salon in Bartlett!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Michigan birthday party

While we were visiting Michigan for Dakota's graduation party, the family threw Norah a birthday party to celebrate early. Norah loved celebrating her 3rd birthday early. Her favorite part was the Peppa Pig birthday cake. Too bad she accidently pulled the left over cake off the counter and on to the floor...oops!  I'm just happy she was able to celebrate with her michigan family. 

Bounce fun

This summer I've been able to enjoy a teacher's schedule, and I'm loving every minute of it!

Arlington opened up an inflatable bounce gym, and Norah loves it. This is Norah and Piper sliding down the big slide together. 

Monday, June 9, 2014


Before bed we play with playdoh. 

First thing we do when we wake up is play with playdoh. 

Norah loves playdoh!


Norah was so excited to see the rainbow after today's showers. It was simply beautiful!