Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Celebrations 2014

Easter #1 at Carla and Chuck's house

Shayne was in town the weekend before Easter, so we did a mock Easter so that she could participate in the celebration with her Tennessee family.  We hid plastic eggs for the kids to find.  Then we enjoyed pizza before we held our annual egg coloring night.  

 Norah was hunting hard. 

Stephanie and Edye


Aunt Dale and Norah

Stacey and Millie

Amanda, Shayne, and Norah coloring

Aunt Bob, Candy, and Aunt Pouchie


The kids coming out for the hunt


Millie eating the prize egg.

Braden and Millie

Edye and Taylor

Norah and Braden


Edye wants to be a baby again. 

Time for fun!

She was way too busy to take a picture with Mommy.  

Norah took a Cheetos break. 

The Easter Bunny visited our house and brought so much more than we ever expected!  Norah got books, coloring books, bath bubbles and color, bubbles, doctor kit, and a TV for her bedroom.  

She was very excited to get her tv out and ready to go.  

Easter part 2 at Carla and Chuck's house
Every little girl likes to play in the dirt, right?

Baby Hunter

Farmer Norah

My wild child

I love these two!

Time to hunt eggs

Norah loving on Millie

Edye helping Hunter


A little assistance is needed for eggs high up.

The Carman Family 

The Yoder Family

Counting our eggs

Time for the adult hunt.  Aunt Midge didn't feel well, so she missed out on the adult hunt this year.  

I had a little helper. 

Arlington's Easter Celebration



Don't they look happy?!  
I think they were mad because they had to wait to hunt eggs.  

Trying to get a head start. 




Still waiting 

Oh!  I'm not supposed to be on this side of the rope?!

Now it's time to hunt!



We found a frog!  
Julie was the only one crazy enough to touch it.   

Easter Bunny

Mamie and Carlos made Norah a special basket.  

Easter at Grandmother's
Millie was anxious to get her prizes.  

Norah loves her hat Grandmother gave her.  

Millie got an egg too.  

And it tastes yummy!

And another one.  

Grandmother and her great grand babies.  Trying to get these three to look the same way and smile was almost impossible.