Monday, January 20, 2014

My little artist

My little artist decided to put her art work on the walls tonight. She was so proud of herself.  It was amazing how much art work she produced in 15 seconds. Then it took me 15 minutes to clean off her 15 seconds of work. Since this was her first offense she only received a lecture about how you don't write on walls with crayons. Hopefully she learned her lesson...fingers crossed. 

Riding bikes

The weather was beautiful today!  Michael and I took Norah to the park to ride one of her new bikes. Piper and Julie met us there for some friend fun. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A little bathroom fun

This machine has a dual purpose: drying hands and hair. You're only two once!  I love that Norah is experiencing life and everything it has to offer. 

A lot of Chuck E. Cheese visits

Norah has been potty trained at home for a while now, but she's had trouble telling Mama Jane when she needed to go.  As an incentive, we told Norah that if she didn't have any accidents throughout the day she could visit Chuck E. Cheese's.  The good news is that we've had a lot of visits to Chuck E. Cheese lately.  The bad news is that I've had to make several visits to Chuck E. Cheese lately!  :) It's actually not that bad. I give Norah 6 tokens to play with. When she runs out of tokens she knows it's time to go home.  It's been a great motivator!

A visit with Shayne

Shayne is visiting this month until Jesse and Stephanie have baby Ellie. While the weather was nice we took a few 5 year old pictures at a local park. Norah loves visiting with Shayne, which she calls Shayne Bayne.  They love playing together!  Norah mimics everything Shayne does.  Good thing Shayne is a good role model ;)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I love my Auntie

Millie's shirt says it all!  I enjoyed a brief visit from sweet baby Millie and all of the her beautiful smiles. Even after she had her 2 month shots, she was still a happy camper during her visit with Aunt Midge, Norah, and me.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Funday at the zoo

After the Arctic Vortex finally left and took the extreme coldness with it, we decided to go out and play in the nice weather. Norah requested to visit the zoo, so we did. All of the animals were out soaking up the nice weather, and the zoo was not crowded at all. 

Yay a the panda



No visit is complete without visiting the playground.