Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Norah really enjoyed Halloween this year.  She loved the festivities leading up to Halloween including festivals, making our costumes, and carving the pumpkins.  We visited way too many houses because we have more candy than what we know to do with.  I do think that I have the cutest scarecrow ever!

Norah helped carve the pumpkins this year.  

We were a scarecrow family. 

Norah loved the neighbor's inflatable decorations.  

On the hunt for candy.  

We ran in to two little monsters. Oh wait, those aren't monsters!  
It's Natalie and Brooks.  

Aunt Midge dressed up as a scarecrow too.  

Even baby Millie participated in Halloween festivities.  

Eating our homemade cupcakes.