Saturday, August 3, 2013

Norah's 2nd Birthday Party!

We planned Norah's second birthday party for August 3 from 10:30-12:30.  We thought that would be a perfect time for all of the two year olds to come plan and still make it home in time for a nap.  We also thought that we should do a water slide because August is always so hot.  It turns out that it decided to rain between 11 and 1 that day, and the temperature was in the lower 80s.  We had planned for all of the activities to be outside, but when the rain hit, we quickly moved the festivities inside.  I think everyone adjusted well.   Luckily the kids didn't let the rain put a damper on the water slide, cotton candy, and snow cone fun!  

Our neighbor, Natalie, turned 2 the day before Norah, so we decided to combine their birthday parties and have a Carnival themed party for both girls.  We planned to have a toddler bounce house, big bounce house with a water slide, snow cones, cotton candy, duck pond, sack races, and an art center.  The rain prevented some of that from taking place.  

This is Norah's fake smile. 

 She was so ready to jump in and play on the bouncy.  

So we gave in and let her go down in her clothes.  


Layla & Noah



Noah loved the puddles. 






Jake and Austin 




Aunt Charlotte warmed Layla up. 

Norah didn't want to slow down to have her picture made. 


Lisa and baby Fisher

Baby Edye, me, Amy, and Baby Ryan

I love these girls!


Jake and Dylin

 Norah enjoying some cotton candy. 

Hattie Grace

MacKenzie enjoying a sno cone. 



Taylor and John

Landrey eating up some cotton candy

It must have been good because Ainsley ate all of hers.  


Michael was working the cotton candy machine!

Hiding out from the rain. 

Nae-Nae and Michael making the cotton candy. 

Baby Fisher

Baby Edye playing the duck game,

Hattie playing the duck game. 

Stephanie and me watching over the kids in the back. 

Sweet Mya

Shanna and Hattie

Kevin & Melissa




Scott grilled their hot dogs.  

Norah covered her head when it started raining hard.  



Jake and Austin

Braden and Michael


Daddy and daughter

Daddy and Daughter

Norah is a thrill seeker!

Ali and Landrey

So sweet!


Big splash from Michael and Norah. 

Gavin and Gray


Noah and Layla enjoying lunch

Taylor and Layla

The birthday cake

Mama Jane's crew
John, Chase, Taylor, Layla, Noah

Kade enjoyed the coloring station.

Aunt Sandy and Aunt Sister tried to stay dry. 

Presents, presents, presents!

Aunt Sister made Norah a pink M&M cake for her birthday. 

Hattie Grace enjoying the roller coaster and a bite of pizza.  

Hattie and Davie eating and riding


Reagan and Kylie

The Yoder family

Birthday girl!

Taylor and Ainsley waiting patiently for some cake.  

Everyone was packed inside since it was raining outside.  


Sneaking M&M's

Aunt Midge was trying to steal a bite from Norah.  

Big kids enjoying food outside in the rain.  

Ryan colored at the color station. 

Present time!

Hattie Grace 

John decided to curl his hair.  
He did tell me later that I didn't have enough boy toys at my house.  :)

Fake Cheese!



The mermaid tail was getting her.  

Norah is hiding in the back with some of her Great Aunts.
Sister, Pouchie, Bob, and Sandy

Aunt Dale got Norah a piggy bank that she couldn't break!

Now she wants some money to put in it. 

Sweet Shayne

Grandmother had to settle for wet kisses because Norah loved the water slide so much!

Cotton Candy ladies
Stacey and Carla

My co-party planner, Barron (Natalie's Mom)

Norah loved the cotton candy!

Michael photo bombed us in the background. 

Fun cousins!

I think it's safe to say that everyone enjoyed the cotton candy and snow cone machines.  

The idea behind this year's party was to keep it small and affordable.  I think we failed miserably at keeping it small.  What can I say??  We know a lot of people, and we want to celebrate with each and everyone of them!  However, I will say that this was one of the cheapest parties we've ever thrown!  Jamie got us the hook up on the cotton candy and snow cone machine, we had a coupon for the water slide, and we served hot dogs and pizza.  Overall, I think it was a great day spent with great friends!