Thursday, June 13, 2013

Beach Trip 2013

What's our favorite time?!?!  Beach time!!!  

We rented a condo with Julie and Piper to visit Gulf Shores this year.  Julie's sister, Emilie, came with her.  Jamie and Hannah joined us for a few days to play at the beach.  

Who doesn't let their kids play in the water at night in their clothes.  

Dancing at the Hangout

They do love music. 

So sweet!

Bubbles! (or foam)

Riding rides at the Track. 




We were going fast!

The Yoder family was racing

We attempted to get a few family pictures.  The girls were not cooperating.  

Back to the Track. 

She looks like a big girl here. 

Riding on her boat.

Learning to swim. 

Relaxing on the float

Mamie and Norah

Em helping Norah swim




I love these two people!

She loves the water. 

What's a visit to Gulf Shores without visiting Lambert's?!

 Waiting to catch her roll. 

 Emilie and Norah



Riding the Lambert's horsey


Sweet girls ready for bed.   

And she's asleep :)

The Beach!!! 


Dippin Dots 

Norah wanted Michael to read her this book.  

Silly girl playing in the bed


Ready to play in the water. 

Playing on the beach 



 Nap time at the beach is the best!



 Michael teaching Norah how to feed the birds.

Our condo had a snow cone stand!  Of course we participated...many times.  

 Noodle love

 Waiting to leave for dinner

Go Karts at The Track again

Jamie and Norah

 Jamie and the little girls

Michael had this great idea for me to sit on the body board while he pulled me.  It was all fun and games until the board broke and popped me in the leg.  I got this beauty immediately.

 Heading back to Memphis from Gulf Shores

 Into her show on the IPad