Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy First Birthday, Norah!

Norah is officially 1!!!  I'm sad that my baby is growing up, but I love experiencing each phase she goes through.  

Michael was off today, so he and Norah had a baby and Daddy day.  They took time to visit me at work for a quick lunch.  

For dinner, Norah wanted to eat pizza from Rizzi's.  

Kade came for the celebration. 

Piper planted a big ole' kiss on Norah. 

Both girls are 1 now!

One year together. 

Mamie and Norah

Norah was super smiling! :o)

When we got home from dinner, Norah quickly realized that the neighbor was watering his grass.  Norah loves the water, so she took off to play in it. 

Piper soon joined in. 

Norah eating grass. 

After playing in the water the girls enjoyed some Popsicles.  Please notice that Norah wanted a red one and a green one.  

Norah had a fun filled first birthday!

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