Thursday, May 17, 2012

Memphis in May BBQ festival

Every year Michael and his friends participate in the Memphis in May B-B-Q festival.  This was Norah's first year to attend, and she LOVED it!  I had to go out of town for some math training sessions, so Norah and I went downtown on the first night of the festival.  The Airpork Pilots also had Norah a shirt made so that she could support the team.  

Norah and Reid

Norah crawled around like a puppy begging for more Airpork Pilot ribs. 

This is one of Michael's friends from Squeal Street.  
Norah changed outfits to help support their tent too. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

tie dying fun at Mama Jane's house

The kids enjoyed some tie dying fun at Mama Jane's today.  Every kid got to color their own shirt to wear later this month.  The kids had a great time and enjoyed seeing the final product.  Livia was asleep inside and Tyson was sick, but the kids made sure they had a shirt to take home too.  

Taylor hiding her girly parts :o)

Ainsley copied Taylor :o)

Layla, Kate, and Addy

Norah, Ainsley, & Chase

John, Cam, & Kensley

Caroline and Taylor

Dylan and Landrey


Norah was ready for her turn!

Isaac getting in on the action. 

The finished products