Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

We began our Christmas celebrations with a trip to Michigan.  December 24, The Zaborski Family invited us to join in on their celebration.  Norah was the only kid there, so, needless to say, she was spoiled rotten that night.  

Ashley & Norah

Norah didn't know what to think of the deer wearing a Santa hat.  

Tonya and Norah helped pass out presents.  

Giving kisses to everyone and everything

She was so tired!

After presents, we had a very special dinner.  We had fondu at home!  
It was so much fun!

Then we returned back to Michael's dad's house to get some sleep before Santa visited.  

Pops read Mr. Brown to Norah. 

Once we were ready for bed, Michael read The Night Before Christmas to Norah. 

December 25, Santa did find us in Michigan.  

Norah loves baby Elmo.

Elmo got to ride the horse too.

The Grandkids

Family Picture with Grandpa Yoder

Even Uncle Mike rode the horse.

Aunt Rosie is a funny lady!

December 26, It snowed in Michigan!  

Christmas at Michael's Mom's house

Norah and Aunt Tracy

Grammy and Norah

Uncle Nate is a funny guy too. 

Norah has an infatuation with sippy cups. 

December 27, We got to play in the Michigan snow.  

Grammy and Grandpa with Norah

December 30, Christmas in Memphis.  
This year we had Christmas at our house in Arlington.  

Norah snuck in and opened a few presents a little early :-)

Norah loves Cookie Monster.  

A fan of Elmo, for sure!

She loves Cheerios!

Aunt Midge sharing her Cheerios with Norah.  

We had an amazing Christmas with all of our loved ones!  Norah was super spoiled and enjoyed every single minute of opening gifts and spending time with family.