Thursday, December 29, 2011

Norah's first tooth

Norah cut her first tooth today! As soon as I can get a good picture, I'll post it. Michael and I were driving in the car when Norah started crying. When we got to the mall, she had a new tooth. I guess her new tooth popped through on the ride to the mall.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

The Christmas Season is always a busy time! Norah celebrated to the fullest at each Christmas function we attended.

Norah relaxing in her favorite Christmas shirt.

Santa sent Norah an Elf on the Shelf. His name is Elvis the Elf.
He flies back to the North Pole every night to tell Santa if Norah has been a good girl. Then when he comes back to our house, he lands in a new place.

To keep Norah's head nice and warm she's been sporting this candy cane striped stocking hat.

Aunt Sister made Norah a stocking!
Aunt Sister makes everyone in our family a stocking on their first Christmas in the family.

Norah made Christmas cookies for Santa.

The Smith family invited us over on Christmas Eve to decorate cookies for Santa. We gladly accepted because we love spending time with the Smith family. We exchanged gifts and decorated cookies.

Norah got Megan and Macie a gift card to McDonald's.

Norah posing with the Smith girls.

Then the girls helped Norah open her present from them.

Norah got Megan and Macie's favorite Dr. Seuss book, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. As you can tell, Norah is ready to read it.

Macie decorating her cookie for Santa.

Megan decorating her cookie for Santa.

Megan's final product.

Michael wanted to create one for Santa too.

Norah supervised while Daddy worked.

Macie's final product.

Grandmother had a Christmas gathering at her house. Norah was not the best participant! She was in the process of cutting teeth, so she was very whiny. Luckily I was able to snap a few pictures when she wasn't crying.

Norah and her Great Grandmother (my Dad's mom)

Norah and Aunt Amy

All the kids opening presents.

MawMaw got Norah a cute little Christmas dress.

Abbie and Norah

We had our annual Christmas Ornament exchange at Carla and Chuck's house. Norah was not in a good mood. She was very tired and cranky, so she slept through most of Christmas at Carla's.

Taylor and Bethany playing around.
Taylor was the Cowboy, and Bethany was the horse.

Jamie & Aunt Midge

Bethany and Taylor

Aunt Bob, Aunt Sister, Aunt Sandy, and Carla chit chatting after supper.

Aunt Bob and Kaylee

Kaylee and Jason

Ashton riding on Bethany's back while she and Taylor played on the iPhone.
Ashton was enjoying every suck he could get on his paci before Santa took it back to the North Pole with him in exchange for a new bike and scooter.

Gelena & Jamie

Norah woke up in a much better mood. She and Chuckie Poo played around.

Norah and Elaine
They are exactly one month apart.

Norah loved sucking and chewing on Frosty's nose.

Jamie had Christmas at her house for Daddie's side of the family. The weather wasn't too cold outside, so all of the kids were able to walk to the park down the street and play before eating and opening gifts.

Norah, Dylan, & Hunter

Passing out the goodies!

Waiting for their turn to open presents.

The big kids had to wait a long time.

Miley went first since Norah was snoozing.

Judy got a new puppy.

Dennis and Michael's mom, Deb, joined us at Jamie's.

Megan went second.

Matt was sneaking a peek of his gift.

Hunter opening his gifts.

Kailey went after Hunter.

Amy posing with her kids' gifts.

Sabrina opening pajamas.

Austin was excited to get some Axe body products.

Norah and Mamie

Norah snuck a Candy Cane off of the Christmas tree while no one was looking. She was trying her best to get the paper off before she got caught.




Norah loved chewing on her new teether.

Matthew's turn

Finally it was Dylan's turn.

Norah went last since she was sleeping during her turn.
She loved ripping the paper.

She didn't want to let the paper go.

Hunter relaxing

Kailey chilling

Megan looking cute

Megan posing with her Jen-Jen

Madison and Chrissy

Nanny opening gifts

Kailey and Jen-Jen

Norah reading her new book.

Michael and the twins

Courtney and Michael

Courtney loved holding Norah

Madison and Jamie

We celebrated Christmas at our house on Christmas Day. Michael's mom and step Dad, Dennis, were here to help us celebrate the holiday. Jamie, Carlos, Aunt Midge, and Aunt Dale came to our house to eat lunch and opening gifts.

Norah posing in her dress that Grammy bought her.

Norah chewed on every toy and outfit to see if she liked it.

Michael working on lunch.

Norah and Carlos swapped stories.

Michael's feast

prime rib

green bean caserole, deviled eggs, garlic mashed potatoes, spinach artichoke dip

...and the rolls

Everyone enjoyed it!

Norah really had the hang of opening presents by Christmas Day.
She loved to rip the paper!

Aunt Midge opening presents

Aunt Dale opening presents.

Mamie, Carlos, and Norah