Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I never knew how much fun Halloween could be until Norah came along and I could dress her up! Michael and I usually stay home and pass out candy, but this year we just had to go and show off our little cutie. Norah had two costumes, a butterfly and a cupcake. They were both super cute, so we had to wear both of them over the Halloween weekend. Michael had to work for most of our celebrating, but I took plenty of pictures for him.

Norah in her little pumpkin outfit.

I saw this picture on Pinterest, but Norah didn't like the idea very much.

She's thinking, 'Seriously Mom! Why am I sitting in a pumpkin?!?'

We started our Halloween celebration the Friday before Halloween. Michael's dad and I took Norah to an Arlington business' Trick or Treat celebration. She wore her butterfly costume.

We ran into Ms. Sandra and Mya.

Then we saw Ms. Melissa.

Norah was ready to get out of her costume.

I bought two cute little Halloween bibs for Norah since she's recently become the drool queen. She was very proud to show this one off.

On Sunday night, Norah and I went to the Shumaker's church for their trunk or treat. Norah dressed as the butterfly because it was so cold outside. Norah had a lot of fun right until the very end when she got ready for her bed.

I couldn't wait until I had a baby so that I could make treat bags to share with her little friends, so I was excited to get that opportunity this year. Norah and I made treat bags for all of the little kids at Mama Jane's.

My friend, Stefanie, posted these cute little tags on her blog. I was so excited that she shared them because they are adorable.

On Halloween night we went to my sister's house. She had dinner, prizes, and a hay ride for the kids. Norah also won the costume contest dressed as a cupcake. We took all of the kids around a big block. Norah stayed on the trailer and slept.

This is how Norah began Halloween night.

Ashton wanted his picture with Norah and me.

Then Kaylee wanted her picture with Norah and me.
I LOVE Kaylee's smile in this picture!

My little cupcake!

Time for trick or treating.
Ashton didn't want to wear his costume.

The hay ride kids.

Norah snuggled with McKenzie while I took Ashton from door to door.

This is how Norah ended Halloween night. She was one sleepy little girl!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

tutu fun

During our fall break we enjoyed spending some time with our friends Julie and Piper. Piper was born the week before Norah. They were suppose to be about a month apart. But Piper came late, and Norah made her appearance earlier than expected. Julie and I taught at Arlington together. It's been great having baby girls so close in age because we discuss the changes that our babies are going through together. Julie brought over two tutus on our most recent visit, so we dressed the girls up and took pictures.

"Mommy, do I really have to take more pictures?"


"Hey wait....if Mommy is holding my hands, who is behind the camera?"

"I wonder if Miss Beth is ready for me to start dancing for her?"

Love that little tongue

Piper was all smiles during her photo session!
Norah looks bald next to Piper's full head of hair!

I have a feeling these two girls might get into some trouble together in the future.

Here is a good view of Piper's hair :o)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fun and Games with Daddy

Now that Michael and I are both back at work, we only have a few hours to spend with Norah in the afternoon before bath and bed time. Most of the fun comes from us making Norah do something cute and silly. We "talk" with her. We "sing" with her. We "play" hand clapping games with her. She usually just stares at us just like in the picture below.

Michael loves to play like Norah can talk!

He hides behind Norah and talks for her. Doesn't Norah look like she's having fun?! Michael usually makes her say something like, "Hey Mom, come change my diaper." or "Mommy, I'm hungry. Please fix me a bottle." or "Mom, you're the best bath giver. Please give me my bath tonight." As you can tell, "Norah's" statements usually require me to do something for her so her Daddy can sit and relax in his recliner.

Fun pictures of Norah at 2 months

I wanted to document how cute Norah is at 2 months. She recently started laughing and smiling all the time. It's very hard to catch her doing it because she gets distracted by the camera. She's usually super smiley in the morning.

Smiling at her Daddy

Sweet Baby

Sticking her tongue out

fake smiling already

silly girl

blowing spit bubbles

getting tired