Monday, September 26, 2011

We love bath time!

Norah really loves bath time! We've learned that letting Norah sit in water helps calm her down if she's upset. She takes a bath every night right before her last bottle.

Norah's first Michigan Visit

Norah and I made a surprise trip to Michigan to visit Michael's family before I went back to work. It was a very quick trip, but I think everyone enjoyed getting to meet Norah.

Uncle Bud & Norah

Bud loves babies

Grandma Lutz & Norah

Grandpa Yoder & Norah

She felt so comfortable that she feel asleep.

Cousins: Austin & Dakota

Michael's dad & Norah

Pops & Cathie with Norah

Cathie & Norah

Kim & Norah

Cousins: Kaity & Alli

Alli & Norah

Aunt Ness with Norah

Uncle Nate & Norah

Norah was so tired, but she stayed up late to visit with Aunt Tracy.

Kaity & Alli spent the night with us at Grammy's house. They enjoyed holding Norah.

Brenda & Norah

The Gans' Family with Norah

Grammy with her Grandkids

A bunch of cousins

Pops, Kaity & Norah

Grandpa Dennis feeding Norah

Norah telling Grammy a story.

Harry Michael

While Michael was on leave with Norah and me, he let his hair grow out. I only made him shave once for pictures. His beard was extremely red!

After I cut his hair, before he shaved his beard.

making neat designs in his beard.

Norah didn't recognize her Daddy with a clean face.

But she did recognize his kisses and his voice.

Now that's my cute, clean cut husband!

Dumas 2011

Every year my family gets together in Dumas, Mississippi to enjoy each other's company and ride 4 wheelers. The weekend is packed with family, food, and fun.

On our first night Michael made BBQ to go along with all the other "fixins."

Demi & Amy

Taylor & Stacey

Stephanie, Carlos, & Jamie

We ran out of tables, so Seth & Braden ate on the Gator.

After dinner we went out for a night ride. It was extremely dusty but fun!

Norah was asleep when we got back. Her first Dumas trip wore her out!

On Sunday morning we have a big breakfast shindig. This year was a little different because it started raining overnight, so we couldn't eat outside like normal.

Taylor had been playing in the rain.

We moved our breakfast party to the front porch.

Norah had her breakfast too!

After breakfast, we all went out riding. Since it was raining the dust was not a problem. It was cold and wet, but we had the time of our life! We all dressed in ponchos or garbage bags. They really didn't protect us from getting wet.

Taylor couldn't decide if he wanted to ride in the rain.

Michael was like a little kid in the mud!