Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We love visitors!

In an effort to document all of Norah's visitors, Michael and I have been running around snapping pictures of almost everyone that Norah comes in contact with for the first time. Here are some of our most recent visitors.

Norah went to visit Beth.
Beth held and fed her while Michael ran to the grocery store.

Norah and Aunt Sister

Chuck E. Poo and Norah

The Barbee Family came to visit.

Neighbor Mike


Grant getting used to holding a baby girl since he'll have one very soon!

Ainsley & Ali with Norah

Ainsley hugging Norah

Ty loves holding baby Norah.

MacKenzie & Norah

Baby Hattie came to visit her best friend.

Kim & Norah
Kim and Matt brought us the most delicious breakfast!!

Matt & Norah

Aunt Kay & Norah

Grandmother & Norah

Josh Render and Norah

Mikelle & Norah
Poor Matt was stuck in Tampa due to Hurricane Irene.

Diana & Lee's little boy Lucas with Norah
Norah is two days older than baby Lucas.
I think he's telling Norah a secret :o)

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