Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Introducing Norah Jean Yoder

Our precious Norah arrived today. We think she's absolutely wonderful!!

Norah Jean Yoder
6 lbs 1 oz
19.5 in

Norah's original due date was August 14, but the doctor had scheduled a c-section for August 9. We had a c-section because I tore my retina a few years back, and my eye doctor doesn't want me to do anything that causes a strain behind my eye like going into labor and pushing. Well Norah had another plan. I woke up with contractions 2 nights ago. They were strong but almost 20 minutes apart. I went to work Monday. The contractions got stronger, but still very spaced out. Michael asked me if he should come home, and I told him no. It was probably just false labor, and he was scheduled to be back in Memphis early the next morning. My contractions continued to be unpredictable all night, but they were increasing in strength. I monitored them while trying to get some sleep. Then at 2:59 AM the contractions went from being 12-15 minutes apart to being 4 minutes apart. I monitored them for an hour, and then I called Michael. I told him that I was going to call our friend, Shanna, who lives down the street to take me to the hospital just in case I really was in labor. Michael agreed. He knew that he'd be back in Memphis shortly, or so we thought.

Upon arriving to the hospital the contractions were so strong they were taking my breath away. I got checked in at the hospital. Michael called me in a bit of a panic. His flight had been delayed due to maintenance issues. We both knew that this might mean that he would miss Norah's birth!!! I tried to remain calm, but I needed Michael with me if I was in labor. But there was a possibility that I wasn't in true labor. No one had checked me, so I didn't know if I would be admitted to the hospital. Once I got into a room and the nurse checked me, I had only dialated 1cm. In my head that wasn't a big deal, and Michael had plenty of time to get home. The nurse checked me again about an hour later, and I had progressed from a 1 to a 3 in just under an hour. That meant that I was in active labor, and I would be admitted to the hospital to have Norah. In the meantime, Michael's plane was still not fixed. I told the doctors and nurses that I could not have Norah until Michael got there. They said they would do their best to hold off on the delivery, but they had to do what was best for the baby. (Michael and I wanted what was best for Norah too.)

At the next check about an hour later, I had gone from 3 to 6! Most first time moms don't dialate that quickly! Michael finally got some good news: his plane was fixed, and he could head back to Memphis. He wouldn't be back in Memphis until 9, so he called his friend Reid to pick him up at the airport. That way Michael wouldn't have to waste time riding the bus to go pick up his truck. While all of that was going on, my doctor called and scheduled the c-section for 11:30. The only problem was seeing if Norah was going to wait that long. My doctor did give me something to help slow the contractions down, which would hopefully slow my labor down.

It must have worked because Michael finally arrived to the hospital before I had Norah. Not long after Michael arrived, my doctor arrived also. We were quickly wheeled into the operating room. Within 10-15 minutes we had a baby girl! I'm so happy that Michael was able to be there with me when Norah was born.

We are very excited to begin this new chapter in our lives!!!

Me at 5:15 AM having VERY strong contractions.

Shanna and I holding down the fort until Michael could arrive.

Yeaaaa! Michael finally made it!

This is Michael right before we entered the OR.
He was very excited :o)

This is me right before they started the surgery.

The beginning of the surgery

There is baby Norah!!!

Proud Daddy & Baby

The Yoder's: Family of 3

In the nursery

I finally got to hold her after we got a room.

The Yoder Family

Michael giving Norah her first bottle

Norah and her Daddy

Norah at 0 days and 0 months old

Norah had a lot of visitors during her first few hours of life.

Jamie AKA Mamie

Aunt Dale AKA Gan-Gan

Aunt Midge AKA Grandma Mid

Aunt Pouchie

Aunt Sandy

Mallory & Kaylee




LaShona, Jason, & Chase








Gwen & Samantha


Stephanie & Seth



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