Thursday, July 14, 2011

Family Baby Shower

Carla was sweet enough to open her house for my family to throw us a shower. As always, Carla did a great job making Michael and I feel special. Carla and I have a very special bond. She begged my mom to have a baby, and for her high school graduation gift, my mom told Carla she was pregnant with me. I got to be Carla and Chuck's baby before they had babies of their own. If Norah loves her Car-Car half as much as I do, then Carla will be one super loved person!

We had an awesome shower to say the least. My family and family friends definitely made us feel super special. Norah got tons of gifts. I think she has enough outfits to wear something different everyday for the first 6 months of her life! :o)

Aunt Midge, Madison, Judy, & LaDonna

Aunt Charlotte and Aunt Midge

Candy and Aunt Kay

Marcia, Grandmother, Mary Scott, Gelena, Bethany, Mallory (and Elaine is in her tummy.)

JoBeth, Aunt Dale, Marcia, and Grandmother

Julia, Karen, the twins, and Linda

Aunt Sister, Kaylee, Donna, Nanny, and Megan

Michael was taking it all in.

This bikini shirt was priceless!

Aunt Midge wanted Norah to have this horse!
The horse eats and responds to noises, just like a real horse.

Here is a look at all of the goods!

You can't have a shower in Crockett County
without getting some John Deere goodies for Norah :o)

And of course no shower would be complete without munchies! We had delicious snacks to munch on during the shower.

I LOVE fruit! I could have eaten this entire tray!

These two trays of chocolate mints were precious!

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