Friday, June 17, 2011

Recent Photo Shoots

I've done a few photo sessions lately, but I haven't had time to post the pictures. I picked a few of my favorites to post here.

This is Austin, Michael's oldest nephew. He's officially a Senior as of last week! He's enjoyed playing on his grandparent's farm since he was little. His grandparents recently sold their farm, so Austin wanted to get a few pictures made on the farm where he's made so many memories growing up.

Even though I'm a Cardinal's fan, I thought this was still a cute picture of Austin.

My work friend, Beth, delivered a beautiful baby boy right before school got out. She let me come over and play with baby Ben and take a few pictures.

Erin and I used to work across the hall from each other at Arlington before she had her first little girl, Mallory. She called me to see if I was still doing pictures because she recently had another baby girl, Mia. I was anxious to do this photo shoot because I had just bought some new girly props that I wanted to try out before Norah gets here. Both of her girls did a great job taking pictures! And did I mention that they are both adorable?!?!

My friend, Erica, also called me for a photo shoot during her quick vacation after the dance show. Erica and I danced together for years, and she now teaches Fusion Fitness as well as dance. It was really hard to pick out my favorites because the whole family is so stinkin' cute!

I just love these natural smiles!

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