Friday, June 17, 2011

Bonus Room

In preparation for Norah's arrival, we are finishing our bonus room and moving the office and guest bedroom upstairs. This is a project we've talked about for years, but we didn't have a reason to finish it. When we first moved in Reeves Williams, the builder, was going to charge us $6,000 to finish the upstairs. We were determined that we could do it much cheaper than that, and we have spent about half of that. BUT with a lot more headaches....ha! I think we would let the builder do it if we could go back and do it over.

It's been a long process because we've both had to work, and we've just done a little at a time. The first step was to clean out the room. We had been using bonus room as our attic. Michael's friend, Reid, came over and helped him move all of the heavy stuff. We then had to apply for a permit. I must admit that I'm a dummy when it comes to this stuff. If it were up to me, I would have just started building without a permit. Who knew you needed a permit to add a room to your house?! After we got the permit Michael and I began the framing process. I love to give credit where credit is due, and Michael has really worked his butt off on this project. I've assisted here and there, but with this big belly, I'm pretty much out of commission. It was also hard to meet up with the electrician because of Michael's unpredictable schedule and me working everyday. Finally the stars aligned and we were able to have the electricity run, but we needed an electrical inspection before we could go any further.

After our baby shower in Michigan, Michael's dad came back to Memphis with us to help us finish this project. They have seriously worked from sun up to sun day everyday on the bonus room. During this time Michael was on call, and he had to go to work several times during the week. He felt bad leaving his dad here working on the room alone, but he really didn't have any other option. Michael's dad pulled most of the weight this week, and we really appreciate it!

We're finally to the end point! We only have four easy things left to do.....get the final inspection on the room, paint, put up the trim, and install the mini-split air conditioner. The end is in sight!!!

Michael's framing job.

More framing

Michael's framing job.

Pops (Michael's Dad) putting in the insulation.

Michael cutting strips of insulation.

Installing the insulation.

Dry wall

Who's that sexy man?!?!

Putting up the dry wall.

Mudding the walls.

This took about 3 coats.

Stamping the ceiling. They were creating a texture on the ceiling.

Electricity is working now.

The ceiling is textured.

Now we're ready to paint.

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