Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hattie Grace

On June 12th our friends, Chris and Shanna, welcomed Hattie Grace to their family. I've already started calling her Norah's best friend since they'll only be 8 weeks apart. Michael and I are so happy for the new family of 5. MacKenzie and Davis are already well adjusted to having a new baby in the house. They are so sweet and gentle with her.

Sweet Baby!

She was wide awake.

MacKenzie and Hattie

Davis and Hattie

Big Sister and Big Brother's hands


You've got to love little baby feet!

We've got paint on the walls....

Our upstairs is now painted! Michael will be putting up the trim this weekend. I'm hoping that we get carpet next week, and then we'll be ready to move stuff up stairs.

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Job

I got news this week that I got a new job with Shelby County Schools. I'll be a member of the Performance Improvement Team. I'll go around the county and work with new teachers helping to support them and offer professional advice when needed. I'll also work with the administrators to complete evaluations on teachers using the new Tennessee evaluation model.
I'm having mixed emotions about starting a new job. I'm super excited because this is my dream job, and I really do think I'll be great at it. I love helping people! I'm sad to leave my friends at Arlington! I have developed many close relationships with the people at AES, and it's going to be difficult not to see them everyday. However, I could possibly be assigned Arlington as one of my schools, so I could still see them frequently. But now we have a reason to go out more often outside of the school setting! :o) I'm anxious because it is a new position, so I don't know exactly what to expect. But I'm excited to take on a new challenge. I'm ready for a change! I've been wanting a job where I could practice using my administrator's license. I think this job will give me a systemic view of our school system. I'll be able to see what works and what doesn't work, and this will be very valuable information for my future career goals. I'm nervous because I want to do the best job possible. I'm a people pleaser, and I like to make people happy with the quality of my work. I'll begin this job towards the end of July, and just a few short weeks later baby Norah is scheduled to arrive. I'm already wondering if I'll get behind in my new job. One of the supervisors that I'll be working with assured me that everything will be fine, and she told me to enjoy my time at home with the baby before I come back. That made me smile and breathe a little easier. At the end of the day, I'm super excited and honored that I was given this opportunity! :o)

31 weeks

I went to the doctor this week for a check up, and everything looks great. We're right on track. I finally gained weight!!! I never thought I would be this excited to gain 3 1/2 pounds, but it makes me feel like I'm doing what I need to do for the baby. And I want her to be healthy! I've been having back spasms for the past week or so. I wasn't worried about them, but I did want to mention them to the dr. just in case they get worse in the future. She said it was probably from sitting the wrong way for too long (like our 10 hour drive to and from Michigan) and carrying extra weight in the front that I'm not used to. The baby's heartbeat is getting louder when we listen to it. It makes me excited because I know she's getting stronger and stronger. I go back in two weeks for another check up.

Bonus Room

In preparation for Norah's arrival, we are finishing our bonus room and moving the office and guest bedroom upstairs. This is a project we've talked about for years, but we didn't have a reason to finish it. When we first moved in Reeves Williams, the builder, was going to charge us $6,000 to finish the upstairs. We were determined that we could do it much cheaper than that, and we have spent about half of that. BUT with a lot more headaches....ha! I think we would let the builder do it if we could go back and do it over.

It's been a long process because we've both had to work, and we've just done a little at a time. The first step was to clean out the room. We had been using bonus room as our attic. Michael's friend, Reid, came over and helped him move all of the heavy stuff. We then had to apply for a permit. I must admit that I'm a dummy when it comes to this stuff. If it were up to me, I would have just started building without a permit. Who knew you needed a permit to add a room to your house?! After we got the permit Michael and I began the framing process. I love to give credit where credit is due, and Michael has really worked his butt off on this project. I've assisted here and there, but with this big belly, I'm pretty much out of commission. It was also hard to meet up with the electrician because of Michael's unpredictable schedule and me working everyday. Finally the stars aligned and we were able to have the electricity run, but we needed an electrical inspection before we could go any further.

After our baby shower in Michigan, Michael's dad came back to Memphis with us to help us finish this project. They have seriously worked from sun up to sun day everyday on the bonus room. During this time Michael was on call, and he had to go to work several times during the week. He felt bad leaving his dad here working on the room alone, but he really didn't have any other option. Michael's dad pulled most of the weight this week, and we really appreciate it!

We're finally to the end point! We only have four easy things left to do.....get the final inspection on the room, paint, put up the trim, and install the mini-split air conditioner. The end is in sight!!!

Michael's framing job.

More framing

Michael's framing job.

Pops (Michael's Dad) putting in the insulation.

Michael cutting strips of insulation.

Installing the insulation.

Dry wall

Who's that sexy man?!?!

Putting up the dry wall.

Mudding the walls.

This took about 3 coats.

Stamping the ceiling. They were creating a texture on the ceiling.

Electricity is working now.

The ceiling is textured.

Now we're ready to paint.

Michigan Shower

Last week we traveled to Michigan for a baby shower. Michael's sisters, Tracy and Vanessa, hosted the shower for us. It was a very nice shower. We received several needed items. With every shower, I feel more prepared for Norah's arrival.

Aren't the cookies adorable?

Getting ready to open presents.

Alli showed off each gift we received.

Bending down like this is getting harder and harder :o)

I love this little hat that Rose crocheted.

These were Michael's stuffed animals when he was little. His Grandma Yoder made the Carebear on the left.

Michael's childhood friend, Kim.

The Zaborski girls minus Tonya.
Tonya was out of town celebrating her 1 year anniversary!!! :o)
We missed you, Tonya!

Michael's nieces playing around.