Tuesday, August 3, 2010


You all know how close my family is. It's very unusual to find a family as close as mine! This year we took a family vacation to Destin, Fl. Carla, Chuck, Terry, Amy, Rachel, Stacey, Steven, Taylor, Stephanie, Seth, Aunt Midge, Aunt Dale, Aunt Sister, Aunt Bob, Aunt Sandy, Uncle Shib, Donna, Beth, Brooke, Linda, Michael, Miranda (my friend), and I enjoyed the oil free beaches for a week. All 23 of us had a great time!

Terry and Amy



Steph and Braden

Stephanie, Seth, & Braden

Chuck and Carla

The Crutchfield Family

The Crutchfield, Lumley, McCanless, & Agee families

Steven, Stacey, & Taylor

I love this picture! In 10 years this will be priceless!!!

Chuck carried me of the bridge ledge so I wouldn't fall.

Pop and the boys

Terry and Amy



While we were in Destin I did a photo shoot for my friend's son, Brent, and his girlfriend's family. I taught Brent's girlfriend when she was in 6th grade! It made me feel so old that they are so grown now!

Brent and Taylor

The Boone Family

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