Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow Pictures

With all of the recent snow in Arlington I decided to take the opportunity to shoot some of my friends and their families. Even though it was literally freezing outside, the kids did a great job!


The Smith Family

Megan & Macie

Alex & Avery



Avery & Alex

Michael & me

Melissa & Kevin

Melissa & Kevin

The Smith Family

Anna Garris

Anna Garris

Anna Garris

Anna Garris

Anna Garris




Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! I know that I'm almost 2 months late, but better late than never, right?! Michael was out of town for the New Year celebration, so Yolanda, Beverley, and I went out for dinner. We stayed out very late, but we got to visit with some good friends. We decided to stop by Teresa's house before going home. I'm so glad we did because we got to do more visiting with a different set of friends. Even though we stayed up very late, Yolanda and I still got up extremely early to take a 2 hour dance class from Erica. It was a great way to bring in the new year!

We were exhausted after Erica's dance class!

Christmas 2009

I can't believe that another Christmas has already come and gone. This Christmas was emotional, busy, relaxing, and full of love! I'll take you through the many celebrations below.

The Christmas celebration officially began while Michael's mom and step dad were in Memphis visiting. They put up the Christmas decorations while I was at school, but they waited till I got home to put the angel on the tree.

The next Christmas celebration took place at Grandmother's house. This was an emotional night for us all because it was the first Christmas to celebrate without my Dad, but everyone seemed to be comforted by the loved ones that were present.

Megan, Kailey, and Everett played games on the stairs.

Everyone gathered in the old living room to open presents.

We also celebrated Grandmother's birthday.

The next celebration took place at Amy's house. This was just for my Dad's immediate family which included my step mom, sisters, and nieces and nephews. It was obvious that someone was missing this year, but we all knew that he was watching over us from above.

Jamie let Courtney try a new beauty product on her face.
All I can say is that Jamie is B-RAVE!

Then we celebrated at Carla's house with my Mom's side of the family. We did an ornament exchange before the sisters opened their gifts.

After the ornament exchange the sisters exchanged their gifts to each other. I love listening to their stories from the past.

Taylor was really into opening gifts this year. He didn't understand why the sisters got to open gifts and he couldn't.

Then our final Christmas celebration was at our house. I finally got to see Michael! He had to work throughout the holiday season.

Our Christmas tree looked great after we added all of the presents from the Rainey, Yoder, and Carman households under one tree.