Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Michael had to work Halloween weekend, so I stayed home and passed out candy by myself. However, I had some very special visitors. My work buddy, Chris, stopped by with his wife, Shanna, and their two kids, MacKenzie & Davis. My teaching partner, Melissa, and her family stopped by too. My house was full of kids for a few minutes, and it was a Halloween party!

MacKenzie was Sleeping Beauty.

Davis was Superman.

Macie was a little witch.

Megan was a big witch.

The witchy sisters.

The weekend before Halloween Gelena and Jason had a Halloween party. Stacey, Steven, and Rachel came to Memphis for the festivities. We had a GREAT weekend!!!! I really am blessed to have a big family that I enjoy spending time with. The costumes were original, and a great time was had by all.

This is how our night got started. Rachel accidently locked her keys in her car.
Stacey researched ways to unlock her car.

Steven & Rachel worked hard to get the door open, but we never got it open. Rachel's mom had to drive to Memphis the next day with a spare set of keys.

Stacey & Steven dressed up as Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head.

Old Lady (Rachel) & Dorothy (Mallory)

Stay Puft (Jamie) & Mona Lisa (Stephanie...Jamie's friend)


Nerd (Jason) & Betty Boop (Gelena)

Dorothy (Mallory) & Evil Pimp (Matt)

The Ghostbusters (Carlos & Jamie)

Stacey & me

The Potato Heads and The Ghostbusters

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