Monday, July 27, 2009

Michigan Trip

Michael had a few days off, so we decided to surprise everyone and show up in Michigan for some family fun.  We planned on taking Austin, Dakota, Kaity, and Allison out for some aunt and uncle time. Unfortunately two days before we left we received some bad news.  Michael's Grandpa Lutz passed away.  We planned an alternative fun day for the kids so that we could spend more time with Grandma Lutz and family.  

We started the FUN day by taking the boys to lunch.  I'm not sure how exciting lunch can be, but I was starving and it was good.  And it was our 2 year wedding anniversary so Olive Garden was kinda romantic....right?!?!

Michael & Austin

Dakota and me

Michael and his nephews

Austin drove us around town.  
I wasn't nervous at all because he's actually a good driver!

Then the boys went to see a "boy" movie, Transformers.  So I took the girls to Build-A-Bear.  I gave them $25 each to spend on a bear and accessories.  I think the girls really enjoyed their special day!
Kaity stuffing her bear

Alli stuffing her bunny

Filling the bear's heart with love

Giving their bears a bath

Kaity with her final product.

Allison with her final product.  
Grandma (Michael's mom) bought each bear a pair of sunglasses and shoes.  They really added to the outfit.  

Like always, our trip was a crazy whirlwind trying to see everyone and do everything, but it was great to see everyone.  Michael and I had a lot of much needed fun with our nieces and nephews.  We can't wait till our next trip back.  

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