Monday, July 27, 2009

Gulf Shores

Carla and I have been talking about taking a trip to the B (the beach) since last summer.  I made a few calls and found a great deal on a condo in Gulf Shores.  So my cousins, husband, and a few friends made a trip to Gulf Shores...just not at the same time.  Carla, Stephanie, Braden, Stacey, Taylor, and Amy began the trip with me, then Gelena and Jason met us down there a few days later.  Michael, Amy, and her kids came down the day after Carla and her family left. It was extremely relaxing!  I didn't have to be anywhere at a certain time for an entire week.  

Amy, Braden, and me in Jackson before the huge storm hit

Braden & Taylor outside of the McDonald's somewhere in Mississippi

We went to the beach in our pajamas

Amy, Stacey, Carla, Braden, & Taylor walking towards the beach

Taylor and Gran

Taylor's first beach trip

We played in our underwear 

Bray & Tay

Every night Taylor stayed up as late as we did.  The night that Jason and Gelena came, he just couldn't make it.  He fell asleep upside down on the couch at 3.  

Taylor didn't understand why the rain was stopping us from going to the beach.

Braden wanted to go too.

Taylor was super excited when the sun came out!


waiting on a table at Lambert's
Amy, Stacey, Gelena, Jason, Carla, Stephanie, & Taylor

They played a mustard joke on Braden

playing at Lambert's

Jason, Braden, & Gelena

Braden was a cowboy....on a pig

This was hilarious!

Braden surfing on the elephant

Jason & Gelena

Stephanie, Carla, Amy, Jennifer, Gelena, Stacey

Carla & Gran at the kiddie pool

Taylor REALLY wanted to ride the boats......until he got on.

I love Dippin' Dots!  Before everyone left to go home we had to stop and get some.  They were delicious.

Taylor's first Dippin Dot experience.  What do you think, Taylor?......

He loved them!

Show me your Dots....Amy

Show me your Dots....Stacey

Show me your Dots....Carla

Show me your Dots....Jennifer

Show me your Dots....Braden

Show me your Dots....Jason

Show me your Dots....Gelena

Show me your Dots....Stephanie

Braden wanted to get the air mattress out on their last night at the beach.  We blew it up and the boys LOVED it!

Look at Taylor's face!  
Stacey was pretending to sit on him, and he doesn't look so amused.  

Braden & Amy

Braden was ready for bed.

But Taylor was wired.  He wanted Braden to wake up and play with him. 

He finally fell asleep on Braden. 

After Carla, Stacey, Taylor, Braden, Stephanie, and Amy left Jason, Gelena, and I had a pretty boring night at the condo.....until this grasshopper showed up.  Gelena is deathly afraid of bugs, so I tried to get it out of the room.  The little thing kept jumping around the room as Gelena ran around screaming.  I was super brave....until it jumped in my hair!  Then Jason had to come to the rescue.  He finally trapped him in a Wal-Mart bag and set him free outside. It made for a very funny night.  We laughed about it for hours. 

My friend, Amy, and her kids came down for a few days.  Michael rode down with Amy.  Michael and Jason had a lot of "fun" together for the few days they were together.

Gelena feeding Jason  

Gelena & me

Michael relaxing in the pool

the view from our condo

Michael and me waiting at Lulu's

Hunter giving the LL (Lulu's) sign

Cameron was getting sleepy at dinner

Hunter and I riding go-carts

I took my camera with me to do some family beach pictures.  I had great models while too! :o)


Stephanie & Braden



Braden & Taylor

Stacey & Stephanie

The Crutchfield bunch


Stacey, Taylor, Braden, & Stephanie


Carla and her girls

Stacey & Taylor



Cameron, Amy, & Hunter


Michael and me

Michael being silly


A few of our Crockett County friends that were in Gulf Shore at the same time we were. 
April, Gwello, Lisa, & Katie

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