Sunday, June 21, 2009

SLS test

To become an administrator I have to pass the SLS (School Leadership Series) test.  It is a 6 hour essay test.  The night before I took the test we had horrible weather in Memphis.  Tornados swept across Shelby County tearing down trees and leaving people without power.  Luckily we didn't loose power at our house.  However, the storm made travel around Memphis very trying.  Trees were down all around the University of Memphis were I took the test.  

I felt very prepared for the test.  My friends and I had study sessions the week before just to make sure we knew all of the material.  The test was broken into 4 sections: Module 1 Part 1 (1 hour long), Module 1 Part 2 (1 hour long), Module 2 (2 hours long), and Module 3 (2 hours long).  Each module gave scenarios that I had to solve.  I wrote the entire time during each test.  My hand was cramping so badly by the last test that I could hardly move it to finish writing. I was at the UofM from 7am til 4pm.  Later that night, my neck was so sore from looking down and reading that I had to take aspirin and go to bed because I couldn't hold it up anymore.  I should have my test results in a few weeks.  Hopefully they'll be good :)

Deidre, Amy, me, & Miranda during our lunch break.  
It was nice to rest our brains for a few minutes.  

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