Saturday, June 20, 2009


  Ashton and I have spent a lot of time together lately, and I've loved every minute of it.  Aunt Midge has been busy taking care of Aunt Dale and getting her to her doctor's appointments.  So I volunteered to watch Ashton.  I might even be blamed for encouraging Aunt Midge to leave Memphis so that I could watch Ashton :)  He's even spent the night with us a few nights!  Ashton is such a good baby! He just rolls with the punches.  I can take him anywhere and do anything with him.  Here are some pictures from our fun times together.  

We did a little photo shoot to play with my new backgrounds.  

I stopped by my friend's house to do some quick school work last week.  Melissa's two girls, Macie and Megan, LOVED playing with Ashton.   I paid Megan $1 for helping me babysit, and Macie wanted "some monies"  so I gave her some change.  She thinks that change is worth more money.  Megan and Macie are the girls that Demi and Amy babysat.  

I was trying to catch Ashton doing something funny.  He would take two sucks from his bottle and then two sucks from his passey, but when I got the camera out he stopped.  Aunt Midge loves how he holds his bottle with his feet.  I think he was trying to dance in this video.  

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