Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Surprise visitors

Friday was an extremely hot and miserable day.  I started the day with very little sleep, and I had my exit interview at Union at 10am.  Then my friend, Amy, and I worked on our final presentation for our Saturday class.  Right when we were just about finished, her computer started freezing.  We sat at McAlister's from 11:30 til 4:30 trying to get finished.  Finally we did!

Right before we left, Stacey sent me a text asking what I was doing Friday night.  She, Taylor, and Steven were coming to Memphis to go to the mall.  I went home and took a quick a nap, and then headed to the mall with Stacey and family.  

For a short mall trip, we had a great time!  Taylor was so good.  He helped Stacey pick out earrings and other small pieces of jewelry.  After we ate at the food court, Taylor wanted to ride the horses.  So we bought tickets for the carousel.  Before the ride even began, Taylor was wrapped around Steven's neck scared to death.  Stacey and I took the opportunity to relive our childhoods.  We rode the horses on the carousel....haha....if you can even imagine!

We finished the night with some delicious cookies and a massage.  Steven had never had a massage before.  We made a deal with the lady....3 ten minute massages for $30.  I think that we all enjoyed the massages very much!  

I enjoyed my surprise visitors!  I hope they come back soon.  Maybe even for a zoo trip?!.....hint hint, Stacey :o)

Taylor trying on fashion accessories at the mall 

Steven enjoying his 1st massage.  

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Braden's trip to Memphis

Braden and Carla came to Memphis so that Michael and I could take Braden, and Carla, to a Redbird's game.  They came early enough in the day that Braden and I had time to go to the park, Arlington's Playground of Dreams.  Braden really enjoyed the park.  He's asked me several times since that day if I've been back without him...I haven't.  It was very hot, but we played for at least 30 minutes.  We ate 3 popsicles on the way there just to prevent overheating....haha :o)

The swings gave us a small breeze.

When we got back from the park, Braden enjoyed another popsicle with Michael.

Then it was time to leave for the game.  Braden decided on a mohawk hairdo for the night.  
Braden riding to the game.

Michael riding to the game. 

Me driving to the game.  

Carla riding to the game.  

Right before the game began a rain shower graced us with its presence.  This is a picture of Braden in his new Redbird's shirt and Carla waiting for the rain to leave.  

We had to visit the playland during the game.  Braden played every game.  
In this game you have to hit 3 out of 5 balls from the tee into one of the open holes.  

And Braden did it.  He won a prize.  

Braden and Michael played a water gun game. 

Braden also played a game to measure how fast you throw the baseball.  How many 4 year olds do you know that can throw a 28mph ball?!?!

SLS test

To become an administrator I have to pass the SLS (School Leadership Series) test.  It is a 6 hour essay test.  The night before I took the test we had horrible weather in Memphis.  Tornados swept across Shelby County tearing down trees and leaving people without power.  Luckily we didn't loose power at our house.  However, the storm made travel around Memphis very trying.  Trees were down all around the University of Memphis were I took the test.  

I felt very prepared for the test.  My friends and I had study sessions the week before just to make sure we knew all of the material.  The test was broken into 4 sections: Module 1 Part 1 (1 hour long), Module 1 Part 2 (1 hour long), Module 2 (2 hours long), and Module 3 (2 hours long).  Each module gave scenarios that I had to solve.  I wrote the entire time during each test.  My hand was cramping so badly by the last test that I could hardly move it to finish writing. I was at the UofM from 7am til 4pm.  Later that night, my neck was so sore from looking down and reading that I had to take aspirin and go to bed because I couldn't hold it up anymore.  I should have my test results in a few weeks.  Hopefully they'll be good :)

Deidre, Amy, me, & Miranda during our lunch break.  
It was nice to rest our brains for a few minutes.  

Amy & Demi's working vacation

Melissa (my teaching team mate) and I had a workshop that we needed to attend together.  All of her usual babysitters were busy.  I asked Amy and Demi to come down and babysit Melissa's two girls, Megan and Macie.  While they were in Memphis, we had a mini-vacation. We stayed up late and chit chatted, went to Putt-Putt (thanks, Jamie!!!), and ate at our favorite restaurants.  It was fun to pretend that we were on vacation.  I was sad the girls had to go home, but they both had ball games the day.  Maybe they can come back soon for another "vacation."

Getting ready to ride.

Amy & Carlos

me & Demi


Then we played on the bumper boats.  

And then we tried the new "Ropes Course" at Putt-Putt.  You hang by a single rope above the Putt-Putt game room and walk on little ropes.  I'm usually not afraid of heights, but I was so nervous walking on those tiny ropes.  

Amy crossing the first course. 

Demi crossing the first course. 

Michael made me super nervous just hanging around like this.  

Carlos helped Demi across the scariest course. 

Afterwards, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.  

Michael "climbed" the ropes.

Ty's 4th birthday

Ty turned 4 this year on June 7th.  He was a lucky boy because he got to have 2 birthday parties.  Both parties revolved around a water theme since it was so warm.  

Bethany sliding down the Slip & Slide

Ty sliding down the Slip & Slide

Ty running towards the Slip & Slide

Ashton and I enjoyed the warm weather too.

Ashton eating "big boy" food

Ty sneaking a piece of cake...
...and giving it a taste.

Birthday boy!

Ty had 3 cakes for his birthday!

Opening presents at McKenzie's house. 

Ashton enjoying some cake and the warm weather.  

Bethany sliding on the Slip & Slide.

Ty sliding on the Slip & Slide.

Ty and Bethany on the Slip & Slide.

Ty sliding down the BIG slide.  

I love how he jumps half way down the slide.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Aunt Dale's surgery

Aunt Dale's C-7 vertebrate was bulged in her lower neck/ upper back.  The bulge was causing numbness in her arms and legs.  She had the surgery done in Jackson.  She has a small incision from her lower neck to the top of her back.  She doing much better now.  The doctor told her not to do much for the first few weeks.  I got bored in the hospital and took pictures of my family and friends while we were waiting on Aunt Dale to get out of surgery.  

Aunt Midge & Ashton

Kim, Ally, Aunt Pouchie

Geraldine, Hops, Uncle Farris

Carla & Aunt Bob