Saturday, May 30, 2009

Family Fun

After Braden's ball game was over, we all went to the Dairy Queen for a family dinner and then back to Carla's house to visit.  Aunt Midge, Michael, and I took Ashton with us.  Braden, Taylor, and Ashton had a blast playing around with each other.  The adults had fun just visiting and hanging out with each other.  Here are some pictures from our visit.  

Ashton playing at the Dairy Queen

Aunt Midge and Ashton

Stacey & Taylor

Braden wanted to buy Taylor some ice cream to celebrate his birthday early.

Taylor and Ashton sitting together. 

Aunt Dale and Ashton rocking. 

Braden is super talented.  While he was in preschool, he learned how to say his ABC's backwards.  (Taylor is showing off his dancing skills behind Braden.)

Braden knows his nursery rhymes too.

Taylor showing off his play skills.  

Braden's ballgames

Braden played coach pitch ball this year.  His played for the Dodgers.  Aunt Midge, Michael, Ashton, and I drove to Alamo for his last game of the season.  Braden loves to have a "large" cheering section.  The game was called due to rain, but we did get to see a few innings.  The Dodgers placed 2nd for this season.  

Aunt Bob, Michael, Stacey, & Ashton

Aunt Midge & Aunt Bob

Stacey & Ashton cheering

A few weeks before the last game, Braden and I took some "posing" pictures.  

These pictures are from an earlier game.  Braden played catcher in both games I attended this year.  

Waiting on 2nd base

He can HIT the ball better than me

Waiting to run home

Sliding into home base to score another run

Grandma's on Sunday afternoon

Aunt Midge and I went to Maury City to visit with everyone a few Sundays ago.  It was a great night of family fun and visiting.

Aunt Dale & Aunt Midge

Steve working hard on the new porch.

Chuck and Terry getting everything together. 

Amy cleaned out Aunt Dale's car while the boys worked on the porch. 

Uncle Shib monitored the progress. 

Aunt Dale, Amy, & Stephanie

Aunt Sandy

Lisa being silly.

Aunt Bob

Aunt Midge

Eating in the kitchen

Aunt Midge, Lisa, Demi, & Amy

Aunt Dale & Jamie

Braden & me being silly

Braden sitting on Jamie's back while she shopped online.

Just for fun

Anna Garris and I thought that we were cool wearing our sunglasses at school after everyone left.  

Joshua's graduation

My cousin, Joshua, graduated from high school this year.  After graduation, we had a party at Carla & Chuck's house.  

Delicious food!

I made Joshua a DVD with pictures of him growing up.  

This is everyone watching the DVD.

Michael Sain gave Braden a seat with a great view.

After the video we had to hurry and eat because Joshua had to be back at school for Project Graduation.  

Steve and Candy watching Joshua drive away.