Thursday, April 30, 2009

New patio

Michael's dream is to have a large patio in our backyard.  One night he and some of our friends came up with the plans to rip up to old patio, pour a new one, and install a grill.  I'm not sure how the final product will turn out, but his is what our backyard looks like right now.  

Michael and Shane working hard

Gelena and I watched as Michael and Shane framed up the borders

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jesse's photo shoot

My cousin, Jesse, is graduating from the University of Memphis on May 9th.  I took a few pictures of him for his party invitations.  Isn't he handsome?!?!  

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was very busy!  My grandmother had her Easter on Good Friday.  I went to Trenton to eat with my dad's side of the family.  My mom's side of the family threw my cousin, Sam, and his fiance', Melissa, a shower and a surprise pounding at Donna's house.  Sunday (Easter), Michael and I went to Carla's for Easter in Alamo.  I love hanging out with family, eating good home-cooked food, and having fun with my family.  

Gelena, Carla, Aunt Sandy, Aunt Pouchie

Aunt Dale & Linda

Melissa opening gifts

Aunt Midge, Aunt Sister, Aunt Dale

Beth posing

Easter at Carla's house
Kaylee & Ashton

Carla & Taylor

Aunt Dale, Aunt Bob, Aunt Pouchie

Mallory & Kaylee

Aunt Sandy, Steven, Candy

Gelena & Jason had a surprise pounding


Jason & Gelena

Ashton was not happy about sitting with the eggs

Aunt Dale & Aunt Midge

Braden and Michael wrestling 

Braden riding the bull, AKA Rachel

Now Taylor, riding the bull

Special Visitors

Vanessa emailed me months ago and asked if she could come visit.  We LOVE company so we couldn't wait for the day to finally come.  Michael only requested off while his sister was in town, but he wound up working the ENTIRE time she was here.  But Vanessa and I had a lot of fun.  Michael's dad came down so that he could ride back to Michigan with Vanessa.  He stayed at the house and worked each day.  Vanessa went to school with me and worked with my kids.  They were very happy to have Mrs. Velie in our class.  She told them that I was much older than her....and they believed her!

Vanessa teaching a lesson to my kids.   
Notice that she is rockin' the AES shirt for spirit day.  

After dinner at the Spaghetti Warehouse Vanessa took her picture with a game.  Notice that it landed on "sexy."

Pops and Ness chilling on the bench after dinner.  

Gelena's lingerie shower

Mallory threw Gelena a surprise lingerie shower.  She got a lot of practical lingerie, and we had a lot of fun!

Stephanie & Vanessa

Stacey & McKenzie

Rachel & Jennifer


Stacey & Rachel

Stephanie & Rachel

Mallory & Gelena

Time for games

Jamie & Stacey

Gelena had to open the bag with a pair of panties and a lottery ticket.  If she lost, she had to put the panties on....if she won, the person that brought the panties had to put them on.

Tina lost...

Gelena lost A LOT!  But she wore her panties proudly.


Balloon game

Rachel & Jamie

Stephanie & Jennifer

Rachel, Stephanie, Mallory, Jennifer, Stacey, Gelena, Jamie


Jennifer & Ness

Jennifer & Rachel

Gelena, Linda, Mallory

Vanessa & Stephanie

Mallory being silly

Mallory & Gelena

Jamie & McKenzie

After the presents were opened, we started dancing

Stacey & Rachel observed

McKenzie was dancing so fast that it looked like her hair is on fire