Monday, March 30, 2009

Gelena and Jason's Western Shower

My cousin, Gelena, is getting married to a wonderful man, Jason, on May 2nd.  My family doesn't throw plain, boring wedding showers.  Instead we throw themed showers.  Gelena and Jason chose to have a western (not country, but cowboy--riding horses--type western) shower.  Everyone dressed up in their best western gear and came to the shower.  We had SO much FUN!  We started with dinner, followed with games, then presents, and finally a good ole' hoedown.  I hope life offers Jason and Gelena as much fun as we had that night!

Gelena & Jason

Aunt Sister & Aunt Bob

Me directing traffic....ha

See I can cook....well at least bake

Aunt Dale

The men cooked up hamburgers and hotdogs.

Gelena & Linda

Beth & Aunt Midge

Carlos & Jamie

Aunt Sandy & Aunt Dale

Uncle Shib & Uncle Farris

Jason & Beau 
(one of Jason's best friends)

The overflowing food table

Kenny, Uncle Weldon, Terry, & Uncle Shib

Sandy, Pouchie, Carla, & Lisa

The men getting their food
Chuck, Terry, Steven

Stacey & Rachel

Lisa acting usual

Chow line

Steven & Terry
Jamie is taking a picture of me taking a picture of her

Jamie &  Lisa

Amy & BJ


Jason's Uncle and his family

Taylor Joe & Jamie

The girls getting drinks

The beginning of the food line

The beverage servers

Meme & Taylor

Chuck & Aunt Dale

Aunt Midge, Braden, & Kenny

Aunt Pouchie & Braden took a break to sing a little tune
Aunt Pouchie sang this round

And Braden sang this round

All the people

Kenny & Taylor

The lovely Candy, Linda & Aunt Sandy

Linda & Ty

Aunt Sister and Ashton

Donna & Ty

Nanny with Ashton & Ty

Aunt Midge & Jason dancing

And then the games began....

Gelena and Jason played a game similar to The Newly Wed game, but if they missed a questions they had to perform a dare. 

Gelena missed her first question, which earned her the right to wear men's underwear.

Jason was thinking hard about his answer

Gelena didn't agree with Jason's answer

Then Jason missed a question and got rollers put in his hair.

Then he earned a bra.

The onlookers thought this was hilarious!

Then he got a pair of panties....

Not just panties.....but thongs!

Terry, Chuck & Taylor

Jason also had to put lipstick on!

The final product

They are so funny

Pretty pose

Amy & Ashton

Steven & Stacey

Aunt Midge & Ashton

All the presents

Jamie, don't kill 'em

Carla & me

Jamie, Rachel, & Stacey

Gelena & me

Jamie, Ashton, Gelena, & Me

Steven and Kenny

Taylor Joe

McKenzie & Gelena

All the presents 

Steven getting ready to play some music

I told Lisa that if she didn't straighten up that I (the Sheriff in those parts) would have to arrest her.  Well as you can see, she didn't straighten up!

Then we got handcuffed together

I finally had to arrest Lisa & Aunt Dale

Steven helped me bring Lisa in...finally


Somehow, Lisa got out of jail and jumped in our picture.

Jamie & me

Aunt Dale was ready to get the music started.

So we started with a fun song...."Cheater, cheater"

Taylor thinks his entire family is crazy....and he's right!

Braden and I started playing in the band.
(We weren't really playing....We were making lots of noise though.)

Aunt Dale joined in on the piano.

Lisa sang too.

Jamie & Candy danced.

Aunt Bob played drums.

Pop and Taylor observed. 

Then Beth joined in.

Gran & Taylor danced.

Finally, Taylor got in on the action.

We ended with a big family shot of the sisters.  
These are all of my aunts on my mom's side from oldest to youngest. 
Sister, Midge, Bob, Sandy, Pouchie, Dale