Sunday, February 22, 2009

Michael's Cruise

Michael left out for a week long cruise Saturday.  He flew down to Houston to meet up with his dad, Aunt Rosie, & Uncle Mike.  I'm so happy that he gets to spend time with his family on this amazing trip.  I'll miss him while he's gone, but I'm sure that he'll make many new memories.  Maybe he'll enjoy it so much that he'll take me on a cruise next year....hint, hint.

There is a web cam on the ship.  Michael and his dad are on the bottom left hand corner of the pictures.  Michael is wearing a blue shirt and his dad is wearing a white shirt.  

Michael's self portrait 

The view from the top of the ship at port. 


Chase came over today for his 9 month pictures.  He's such a happy baby!  He's a big boy too.  He can sit on his own, crawl, and pull up all by himself.  It's hard to imagine that he once only weighed 4 pounds.  He gave his Jen-Jen a bunch of kisses!

Dinner with the Shumaker's

Michael and I had dinner at Chris & Shanna's house Friday night.  Shanna made us quesadillas with all of the fixings, and it was delicious!  Michael and I had fun playing around with the kids.  Michael hasn't seen Davis since he started walking, so Michael enjoyed chasing him around.  I'm so happy that our dear friends live so close.  

Baby Davis

Big Girl, MacKenzie

MacKenzie & Davis


MacKenzie playing horsey

President's Day

I didn't have school on President's Day, so Michael and I ran errands for most of the day and tried to catch up on our household duties.  We started the day by shopping at Target.  Then we visited Aunt Midge and Ashton at Jamie's house.  Koty was there visiting from Nashville.  Then we got our hair cut, and we finished out the day by doing some grocery shopping at Wal-Mart.  It wasn't the most eventful day, but we did get a lot accomplished.  

Michael & Ashton

Ashton & me

Ashton & his favorite babysitter...Aunt Midge

me & Koty

Girls' Night Out

We were out of school on February 16th for President's Day, so a few girl's from school and I went to the movies on Sunday. It was fun to hang out without talking about school stuff. We went to see New Girl in Town and then to Chili's for dessert.  

Jen & Melissa

LeAn & Brandy

Amy & me

Laura didn't want us to take her picture.

Angie enjoyed a dessert sampler

Anna Garris

My friend, Holley, has been doing an interim across the hall from me for the past 6 weeks.  February 13th was her last day on my hall.  While she was cleaning her classroom, I took her daughter, Anna Garris, home with me.  While we were at my house, we had a lot of fun!  We started by watching Sponge Bob.  Then we took a walk.  Then we played school.  We finished the night by playing wedding.  Anna Garris was hilarious!!!  She's obviously been to a few weddings because she knew exactly how things were supposed to go.  Maybe she'll be a future wedding planner since she's soooo good at it.  

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael!!!

Michael's 28th birthday was February 1st.  He says he's still 25 :o)  I told him to look on the bright side....he'll always be a year younger than me!  Michael's mom sent him a new flight bag for his birthday.  His old one was falling apart!  I gave him a deep tissue massage from Gould's, which he deserves!  Aunt Midge, Aunt Dale, Jamie, & Carlos took Michael to dinner for his birthday. 

Michael with his new bag
Eating dinner

Aunt Dale & Carlos

Jamie & Jennifer

Aunt Midge & Aunt Dale

Michael with his birthday Sundae

Snow Day!!!

On January 27th I went to bed hoping that school would be called off at 2am because of ice and snow.  Michael woke up at 2:15 and stayed awake until 5am watching the local news stations to find out if I would get a much needed day off.  At 5 the news stations announced that Shelby County Schools would have class.  I was soooo sad!  I just new that I would get to sleep in!  I decided to take an hour nap before I got ready for school.  At 6, I woke up to get ready for the school day.  I double checked the news again to see if by some miracle school was cancelled....and it wasn't.  As I started getting ready for the day my phone rang.  My friend, Laura, told me that they just announced that Shelby County Schools was closed!  I was in disbelief!  I was already awake for the day, but I was very happy too!  I moved to the couch and stared my lazy day.  Here are some pictures from our house on our snowy day.