Saturday, January 17, 2009

Braden's weekend

Every time that I visit Braden, he asks me if I'm going to spend the night with him or if he can spend the night with me.  Things have been so crazy lately that we haven't been able to spend the night with each other.  Once Christmas was over we finally got to hang out together!  Braden & Stephanie came to Memphis to hang out for 2 whole days!!!

Even though Christmas was over, I wanted to take Braden to the Memphis Zoo to see the zoo lights.  We invited Mamie (Jamie) and Ty to go with us too.  I was a little disappointed because some of my favorite exhibits were closed at night, but we did have a lot of fun....even though it was cold. 
Stephanie & Braden enjoying the "snow"

Braden & Jen-Jen

Braden & Ty sitting in Santa's seat

Braden could not believe that Santa left two of his reindeer at the zoo!  We told him that they were tired from flying so much and that Santa would come back to get them when they were rested.  It's hard to see, but the reindeer are behind Braden's head. 

Ty petting a sheep
I think the playground was their favorite part of the night :o)

Braden loves our bathtub!  He took 3 bubble baths within a 24 hour period.  I let him splash around as much as he wants....I think that's why he likes it so much.  

Braden asked me if I would do his hair like Michael's.  After I did it, he asked me if he could take that "stuff" home so that he could do it at home.  

And to top off the weekend, we visited Chuck E. Cheese!  Braden loved every minute of it!

And then Michael surprised us and showed up too!!!  Michael's last flight was cancelled so he came to see Braden. 

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