Saturday, January 17, 2009

The most wonderful husband!

I have the most amazing husband!  Friday I was called to the office for a special delivery.  I went to the office to find an Edible Arrangement waiting for me.  Michael sent me the arrangement with only my favorite fruits just because he wanted to.  It wasn't my birthday or our anniversary, and he wasn't in trouble....he was just being a sweetie!  The card attached said, "Thanks for being so wonderful."  It was delicious!  I wish Michael was home to share it with me.  (He's working this entire weekend.)

Brad Paisley Concert

Michael, Jamie, Carlos, Stephanie, Chris, Jason, Gelena, and I went to the Brad Paisley concert Thursday night.  I don't know many families that enjoy each other as much as we do.  Donna, Lynn, Brooke, and Beth were at the concert also.  We had a lot of fun!  I wish the concert hadn't been on a Thursday night.  I was extremely tired by Friday afternoon, but it was worth it.  During the concert you could text Brad and the messages showed up on a billboard next to the stage.  Michael and Gelena's messages were posted on the board.  I thought that was pretty cool! Before the concert Beth and Donna got backstage awesome?!?

Cousins are forever!
Jennifer, Stephanie, Gelena & Jamie

Darius Rucker

Early in the night....we were very energetic

Dierks Bentley

We were all having a great time!

middle of the concert....

Even more cousins!  Jennifer, Beth, Jamie, Stephanie & Gelena

This was later in the night...

Michael moved up higher to get a better view

even later in the night.....

Jason was having a lot of fun!

Jamie & I have the pictures taken care of

Brad Paisley...he played until midnight...on a school night!

We (well mostly Jason) embarrassed Gelena so she moved away from us :o)

Gelena and I were getting ready to drive everyone home

Shayne Isabell Saso

While Shayne was in Tennessee I took some pictures of her.  Shayne showed off her adorable smile and fun personality.  Like all of the girls in our family, she's beautiful!

Shayne's babyshower-January 3, 2009

My cousin, Amanda, had her first baby, Shayne, in October of 2008.  Since she lives in Florida we decided to wait until she came home to throw her a baby shower.    It was a great night filled with family togetherness and fun!

Rachel & Shayne

Mama Camp & Shayne

The food was delicious!

Karin, Hannah, Amanda & Aunt Midge

Beth was checking out the presents

Since Amanda & Dave's wedding was in Florida they didn't getting a "pounding."  A pounding is an old tradition that my family does for every couple getting married.  Everyone brings a "pound" of non perishable food to fill the new couple's pantry.  Since Amanda & Dave were in Tennessee for the baby shower we decided to give them a surprise pounding on this trip.  Amanda & Dave's pounding is only 6 years late :o)

These are the pounding items.  The table is usually overflowing with food items, but we decided to do more gift cards since Amanda & Dave have so far to drive. 

Uncle Weldon & Aunt Pouchie: Amanda's parents

Aunt Midge, Linda, Gelena, Lisa & Amy

Uncle Farris, Aunt Bob, Lynn & Chuck

Candy, Rachel, Steph, Beth, Aunt Sister, Carla & Taylor

Amanda & Dave looking through their stuff

The happy parents

What is this thing sitting in my moma's lap?!?!
Carla, Taylor, Stacey & Shayne
Well maybe she's ok.  Let me check her out. 
Kissing cousins
Taylor & Shayne
This thing is pretty cool!
I think she likes me!....she's not crying when I touch her now

Dave enjoying the food

The grandparents with Shayne

Candy, Stephanie & Rachel

Shayne playing in the bags

Shayne talking to Aunt Midge

Amanda & Beth

The happy family!

Braden didn't get to come to the shower, but he got in some alone time with Shayne too.  He was obsessed with taking care of her.  However, he's just a little too young to do it by himself.