Saturday, December 6, 2008

We needed a fun day!

After Don Pruitt's funeral, Carla had a "get together" at her house because we needed to have fun time. I love spending time with my family! There aren't many families that are as close as we are. We keep each other laughing and smiling all the time. Below are some fun pics from our "happy night."

Michael, Aunt Midge, & Aunt Sandy



The girls playing cards

Steve, Aunt Sister, Steven, & Uncle Shib playing Rook

Do normal families do things like this?!?! :o)

Again, is this normal?!?!

More from the girl's table

It looks like they are getting tired.

Braden & Jen-Jen

Jamie & Stacey

Steve and Braden playing "Braden's" form of Rook

The next morning Carla, Stephanie, Braden, Michael, and I played around the house and enjoyed each other's company.

Braden & Jen-Jen playing cards

Michael & Braden rode scooters in the livingroom.

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