Friday, October 31, 2008


Michael and I passed out candy to our trick-or-treaters tonight.  We had some very special visitors.  Melissa and I teach together on the same team, and Chris and I taught on the same team last year.  I just love it when their kids stop by!

Tinker Bell & Hannah Montana
(Melissa's girls, Macie & Megan)

Dora the Explorer & a cute little puppy
(Chris & Shanna's little ones, MacKenzie & Davis)
The cute puppy again.

Dora is such a big girl now! She had fun feeding and chasing Michael around the house.
Davis is a big boy too!  He was having no problem getting around the house on his own. 

Eventful week

Michael's dad has been in town this week, and we've been busy trying new restaurants, making upgrades on the house, and having fun.  Uncle Mike and Aunt Rosemary came to visit for a few days too.  Enjoy our photo journal.  

These are some of the upgrades to the house
a new fan in the guest room
a programable thermostat
(Michael said that he put a code on here so I can't mess with the temperature!)

Dropped a phone line in our bedroom so we can have a satellite receiver in our room

We enjoyed eating out this week too

Uncle Mike enjoying Melting Pot
Aunt Rosie taking a "dip"

Pops, Michael, me, Aunt Rosie, Uncle Mike, & Walter Salvador Jackson "our waiter"

B-B-Q at the Neely's

B-B-Q at Jim and Nick's with Aunt Midge & Jamie

Michael giving his dad a haircut like his

Running the trails at Shelby Farms

Michael & Uncle Mike

Michael, Aunt Rosemary, & Uncle Mike

Dad running

We visited Beale Street

Michael and me waiting on our table

The gang eating at BB King's restaurant

This was an interesting situation.  When we were leaving Beale Street we found this guy in the parking garage...stuck!  We helped him get unstuck.  Michael & Uncle Mike stood on the trailer after the guy let some air out of the tire.  We finally got him out without any major damage. 

It's been a fun & eventful week!

Halloween Party

Jason and Gelena had a Halloween party last Saturday. Michael was at work so I had to go by myself. I thought that we would be a cute couple if he was a pilot and I was a flight attendant. It was a fun night with friends and family.

Jason's brother aka Michael Phelps and Carlos

Jason "the pimp" & Jennifer

Gelena "the french maid" & Jason

Enjoying a little dancing

Jennifer & the Smurfs aka Jamie & Carlos

Jennifer & Gelena

They were smurfin' cute

farmer smurf


Jason & McKenzie the "Queen of Hearts"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Michael and I went to the mall Tuesday night so that I could buy some shoes that were on clearance and very cheap.  When we were leaving the shoe store we noticed the massage people sitting outside of the store.  I usually make fun of the people that are getting massages in the middle of the mall, but for some reason Michael and I went over to check it out.  For $24 we both could get a 10 minute massage.  It was worth every penny and more!!!  The guy hit every stress knot that we had from head to toe...literally.  This might be my favorite new thing.  I've never really enjoyed "girly" things like manicures or facials, but this might be my new indulgence.  

Michael enjoying his massage

Monday, October 13, 2008

The busy Yoder family

We haven't been able to update recently because we've been SO busy!  I often wonder why I went back for my doctorate!  I know that it will be worth it in the end, but I'm always busy with school work.  I have two days for Fall Break this week, but I spent today writing a huge paper that was due tonight.  I'm hoping that I can sleep in tomorrow!  Michael had his annual PC this week.  That's when he has to go back into the simulator and prove that he still knows how to fly...haha :o)  He passed, but he always studies really hard before he takes that test.  I would sit on one end of the couch grading papers or writing a paper and he would sit on the other end studying for his test.....I know....we're dorks...haha!   I'm hoping that things slow down soon.  I miss the good old days of hanging out and doing nothing.  

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Braden and Taylor

This weekend I met up with Stephanie and Stacey while I was in Crockett County.  We took some pictures of the boys just for fun.  They are both getting sooo big!  They are the cutest boys in the whole wide world...don't you think?!?! :o)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Joshua's senior pictures

I took these pictures of my cousin, Joshua.  I can't believe that he's a senior!!!  Enjoy!