Tuesday, July 29, 2008

River Weekend

Michael and I went to the Tennessee River this past weekend.  Carla and Chuck own a house right off of the river, so we went up to hang out with them.  Stacey, Steven, Taylor, Stephanie, Braden, Jeff, and Gage were there for some fun too.  We spent Sunday playing on the river and enjoying the sunny weather.  It was extremely hot so the water felt great!

Braden and Michael

Stephanie & me

Gage & Braden




Stephanie, Braden, & me riding "Big Midge"

Chuck, Steven, & Michael


Braden & Gage playing in the water

Michael riding "Big Midge"


Everyone watching from the beach

Michael driving Steven's boat

This snake tried to ruin our fun day

Gage & Jeff

Taylor & Steven riding "Big Midge"

Michael & Carla enjoying the water

Snack Time

Taylor & Steven riding the Jet Ski

Monday it was time to start wrapping everything up.  Carla, Chuck, Braden, Michael, and I went out for an afternoon ride after the sun went down. 

Michael and Braden walking down to the boat dock

Michael and Chuck enjoying the breeze

Braden and Michael loading up the jet ski

Michael and me

Gran and her "baby"

Gran and Braden

Michael and me


Captain Braden

The men hanging out

The girls

Braden wanted to go fishing on the afternoon ride.  We soon found out that he only liked casting the poles.  He wasn't patient enough to wait for a bite.  He was fun to watch.  One minute he was scared to touch the worms and the next he was excited to stick it on the hook.  We didn't catch anything. 
Gran, Braden, & Pop

Gran helping get the worms out of the bag

Pop helping to bait the hook

Braden fishing

Michael fishing

Carla looked surprised

Once Braden got bored with fishing he decided to jump off of the boat and take a little swin.  He did this MANY times until it was too dark.

1st jump

2nd jump

Jumping without Pop to catch him

Braden's big splash

Braden & Pop

Last splash of the day

We had a great weekend!  It was very relaxing, and we had a lot of fun visiting with everyone.  I can't wait to do it again!!!

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The Pilant Family said...

Looks like you all had fun!! Hope things are going well at school!